AJ Construction of WI, LLC is a multi-disciplined underground utility contractor with the tools, talent, experience and financial resources to provide turnkey solutions for all of your telecommunication and energy needs.


Serving Wisconsin and the Upper Peninsula, AJ Construction has over 40 years of combined work experience to handle your excavation needs.


We will travel outside Wisconsin for excavating jobs during the winter months. Learn about our specialty areas below and contact us today to schedule your estimate!

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The means of pushing cable by hydraulics with the use of compressed air for floating the product through a conduit system. Many of our Field Crew members are experienced in cable jetting so your project will be completed in a timely and professional manner.

This is the root of our company as the experience runs deep with this method of placing utility lines. We can plow product up to 2.5″ wide and 48″ deep and as small as .25″ wide and 18″ deep. We have several different plow knives that can take multiple products with varying depths. We have track plows and rubber tire plows making our fleet up to 11 now.

This method of placement is gaining every day due to the low impact of environment, landscape, hard surfaces and structures, among other reasons. This is why our fleet has 5, with the most up-to-date electronics for accuracy and our drills can place a magnitude of products of 10″ and in excess of just over 2,000 feet long through different types of soil, ranging from boulders to clay.

We have deep knowledge and experience to splice and handle anything on the copper cable infrastructure systems. Our crew members are certified in Confined Space Safety for the ability to splice and clean in manholes and we have a manhole trailer setup with all of the equipment. We have the ability, knowledge and skills to fiber splice and test cables.

We take great pride in our cleanup. This last state in the construction process is as important as every other part in our installation process. We take all means possible to make everything that was disrupted put back the way it was or better.

The more common means of placing utilities and/or moving utilities by a variety of different equipment from either a backhoe, trenchers, rock saws or excavators. We have this equipment in our fleet plus all of our Field Crew members go through competent training, which teaches you about soil conditions and shoring to make safe trenches and decisions.

A relatively new method of excavation that is a safer way to excavate for existing utility lines without disturbing them. Some have steam pressure systems that can blast apart frost in winter but still not impact utility lines. Also, we use the vacs for site cleanup and any mud from directional drill rigs. Our fleet has 4 trailer vacs and 2 with the steam cleaners.

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